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    Hey fellow TiPb fanatics!

    We've created our first iPhone app! If you like to tweet about poker hands as much a we do, you'll want to check out Poker Tweeter. It automatically converts card ranks and suits as you type, and you can calculate win odds for multiple set of Texas Hold'em hole cards and up to five board cards.

    For example, if you type "Player1 shows askd" in a tweet, Poker Tweeter will convert the ranks and suits. You'll see "Player1 shows A♠K♦".

    And if you type "Player1 shows A♠K♦, Player2 flips Q♠Q♣" you can tap the "%" button to generate odds. Poker Tweeter will calculate the win odds and you'll get this: "Player1 shows A♠K♦(44%), Player2 flips Q♠Q♣(56%)".

    We'll post screen caps and a link to Poker Tweeter on the iPhone App Store soon.

    And we will be giving out promo codes on an upcoming iPhone Live podcast.
    In the meantime, good luck at the felt...


    Check out Leanna's "New and Updated" apps blog featuring Poker Tweeter:

    Just add a comment to the blog and you'll have a chance to win a free promo code for Poker Tweeter!
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