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    Curious Fingers Lives Up To Its Name with a Multifaceted iPhone & iPad App for Kids

    California based mobile app company Walnut Labs recently launched a brand-new venture called Curious Fingers exclusively for its development of educational and fun game apps for kids. Developing educational apps for kids has always excited us. The growing demand for kids apps inspired us to leverage our mobile development expertise and build our latest iPhone and iPad app for kids - Buzzle under Curious Fingers. It features striking visuals, colors, audio cues to keep kids creatively engaged, but at the same time raises their curiosity levels about interesting details in regular surroundings., according to the founder and CEO of Walnut Labs, Anupam Dhanuka.

    Buzzle features a collection of ten puzzles, each conveying an intuitive theme with vivid elements. The app is geared towards developing puzzle solving, shape recognition, and pattern matching skills in kids. Bright colors, visuals, and audio have been included in the app to make puzzle solving a unique experience. The interface involves a simple drag and drop, making it easy for kids to operate the app. The puzzle screens have been scientifically designed to enhance motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sound association abilities among toddlers and preschoolers.

    Anupam Dhanuka further added, We have ensured that Buzzle is a lot of fun, yet benefits children and adds value to their daily learning. Buzzle puzzle solving will definitely add more power to their imagination and exploring abilities.

    Buzzle is currently priced at only 0.99 USD. The Buzzle Lite version is free and features five out of the ten puzzles that are included in the paid version of the app. Since its launch on Apples App Store in mid-August, Buzzle has been voted as Top 100 Kids Games in the United States and several other countries. It has also been featured as New and Noteworthy in kids game apps by Apple. The app is advertisement-free and is built to work in full screen mode on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. To cater to a wider range of childrens age group, Curious Fingers is planning on adding more puzzle screens to Buzzle in the near future.

    About Walnut Labs
    Walnut Labs is a mobile app development company that offers high quality development services on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. With a track record of successful mobile applications and collaborations with several leading mobile companies, Walnut Labs has acquired a global presence in the mobile space. Walnut Labs has offices in San Diego, California and Mumbai, India.
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