1. Infiniti7's Avatar
    just downloaded this app last night and i have a few questions for the people that have this app if you know which one im talking about. It's under the top 25 top paid apps. anyways, does anyone notice when you have this app running and you go to click your top button to put the phone alseep sometimes the clicking noice is really loud and other times its soft or (the volume it should sound to your which your iphone ringer volume is set up)? so say i have my ringer on one bar only and i open the alarm clock app and then i hit the sleep button on top the click sound should sound very soft right? no sometimes its really loud when i click the top button and sometimes it actually sounds like it should level one ringer. whenever this app is open and i sleep the phone the clicking sound does not sound smooth and sounds like the speakers are messed up by the noise its making. it only happens when the alarm clock pro app is open and i just downloaded this app last night. When i close out of the app everything is fine and back to normal. just wondering if its the phone or apps can do this sometimes? anybody familiar with what im talking about? thanks!
    08-25-2011 12:15 PM