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    Need to go incognito? Want to make your friends unrecognizable?

    'Disguise My Friends' is a great iPhone photo manipulation app that will meet all your undercover needs.

    Start by taking a picture, either from your photo roll or your camera. Then begin the process of disguising yourself or your friends (or even your pets) with any combination of the nearly 100 cloaking items included. Categories include facial features, hats, body modifications, glasses, and accessories. Don't quite like what's included? Simple controls allow you to rotate, resize, and recolor any of the objects. The possibilities for disguise are nearly endless - certainly more than any other app currently available.

    When you're satisfied with your work, you can save it to your photo roll, send it via email, post it to Facebook, or share it on the 'Disguise My Friends' website.

    No one will ever recognize you or your friends again.

    'Disguise My Friends' is free to try. You'll get one object from each of the five categories. For only $0.99 US, you can use the in-app purchase process to get access to the whole set of disguises.

    'Disguise My Friends' works best with headshots. Get in close to your friends, snap a pic, and get disguising...
    08-24-2011 03:52 PM