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    Use xDownload to enjoy online entertainment uninterruptedly on your iPhone/iPod Touch!

    xDownload is an application for downloading and managing audio, video, pictures and web sites on your iPhone. It’s a browser and jukebox. No more choppy video or 3G data constraints. Use xDownload to run download jobs in the background at your control, so you can enjoy your favorite music and video uninterruptedly anytime, anywhere. Grab anything you like on the web, extend your multimedia collection, transfer them easily to PC or email them – all from this streamlined, easy-to-use application on your iPhone.

    xDownload’s smart browser is your interface to download. Unlike Safari, you can press-hold on almost any object** to download it, including video, music, audio book, picture -- any file, even the whole webpage as an archive. Downloads are queued, running unobtrusively as you continue on browsing. Use xDownload as your “other browser” by turning on the password-protected feature to keep safe your browsing history, bookmarks and downloaded files. Other useful features include search engine integration, full-screen viewing, auto-correcting typos, auto finishing-up inputs in URL, browsing history tracking, and SSL support.

    The File Center automatically categorizes your downloaded files and lets you rename, move, create subfolders, unzip ZIP/RAR files, email, transfer to PC, etc. Its media player and document viewer can support virtually all iPhone file formats, with thumbnail/preview capabilities.

    The Download Queue performs all downloads behind the scene, even when you switch to another application. Stop or resume downloads at your control. Unfinished downloads are automatically re-started after network reconnection or phone boot-up.

    ** As a current limitation on iPhone, Flash Video is not supported yet.
    08-24-2011 04:40 AM
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    I'm going to give this a try....
    08-24-2011 08:34 AM