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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to announce the release of Mathical HD Vol.1 for iPad.


    Mathical is a 5 in 1 compilation of awesome, fast paced games for primary / elementary aged children to practise mental calculation skills.

    Check out our site for more details: mathical.stusapps.com

    Or have a watch of the video trailer below:


    The games have been developed by primary school teachers to target key skills. Mathical games all have customizable and increasing levels of difficulty depending on the age or ability of the child.

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    The skills the games encourage are:

    Multiplication facts
    Division Facts
    Times Tables
    Addition and Subtraction
    Inverse Operations
    Place Value
    Ordering decimals
    Fractions of shapes

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    Included in Volume 1 are the following fantastic games:

    **Multiple Slime Climb**

    Slurp, jump and pop. Choose a times table and then help your slime climb up the tower popping only bubbles from that times table. Hit a wrong one and it's game over.

    **Orderly Birds**

    The cute little birds have got confused in this place value game. Order the birds by numerical value. Includes numbers from 1 - 20 all the way to 2 decimal places depending on the difficulty level you choose.

    **Divider Slider**

    Move your daring monster to the correct answer to the division calculation. If you're ready in the right place when the timer stops you'll safely avoid the huge heavy log that's coming crashing down.

    **Missing Numer Skydiving**

    Choose a target number and either addition or subtraction questions. Guide your skydiver through the correct answer targets as you speed towards the ground.

    **Fraction Reaction**

    Simply move the paddles to guide the fraction balls to the correct fraction on the large rectangle (which is much harder than it sounds!!).

    **Divider Slider and Multiple Slime Climb include online Game Center leaderboards**


    08-24-2011 01:55 AM