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    Hey guys! I'm not sure whether you like zuma games, but we changed the name from iZumas to Fireball, what do you think?

    Also, it's on sale for limited time now!


    The game's leading roles are the tortoise and eagle. The eagle is very ferocious and evil, who wants to eat the tortoise's children to increase his physical strength .So the eagle King sends his followers to catch the tortoise's children to his island.In this game, you will play the role of the tortoise as a warrior to rescue his children but there are a lot of difficulties waiting for the tortoise to overcome. So come and save your little children!

    -- Four major islands: Spring Island, Summer Island, Autumn Island, Winter Island
    -- 15 levels in each island,there are all 69 levels
    -- 9 levels are free
    -- Lovely Fire Ball game, you will be addicted to it !!!

    What's New in Version 1.2.0
    1. **IAP sale with 50% off for limited time**,from 1.99$ to 0.99$ ,in first 5 days from V1.2.0 released.
    2. Add 15 levels of the winter season, there are 69 levels in total now.
    3. Game name changed from ‘iZumas’ to ‘FireBall’
    08-23-2011 03:07 AM
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    Maybe you can post screenshots?
    08-23-2011 04:39 AM
  3. spamcan's Avatar
    Sorry I don't have the privilege to post link or image,:o
    08-27-2011 03:23 AM