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    Check out the video on youtube of this one of a kind photography app!
    ( I couldn't post the link, but just search composite for iPad 2, new user here)

    It's all around almost my favorite app for the iPad 2. It works by painting a live picture into a blank canvas by way of the video feed of your camera. You simply adjust the settings for a great picture then paint over the item you see and it will paint it onto the canvas. You can adjust the brightness, contrast and colors in the picture. Using it is like nothing else!
    Three different brush shapes with adjustable sizes
    Adjustable Blur, and see through effect
    Option to pause video when you start painting
    See video or not while you paint it
    Thickness based on speed
    Red, green and blue adjustment
    Import a photo for the background
    Share on multiple sites like Facebook and twitter
    Save to photos or email

    It's just an amazingly artistic app I LOVE and there is no other painting app or photo composite app like this. It's unbeaten!
    The only downfall is it's only for the iPad 2
    08-23-2011 12:11 AM

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