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    SpinPop Lite is the game inspired from 'Hexic' with additional twist to speed up your heart rate!
    The basic strategy is:
    * Touch center of any 2x2 gem block to spin, then any gems with matched pattern will be popped.
    * The basic pattern is more than 3 gems with same color in a row or column.
    * Try to match special patterns, ex. 'T', '+', 'L', to pop entire gems in both row and column and double the scores!

    The advanced strategy is:
    * Use Monster Ball smartly: Match 4 gems with same color to get "Monster Ball" which will pop one row/column of gems in the direction it got spin out (it's 90 degree tangent to the spin direction). Try to match 5 gems with same color to get "Super Monster Ball" which will pop 3 rows/columns of gems!
    * Time is money + domino effect: pop gem with star sign will increase time and also pop gems around it. Try to trigger chain reaction by arranging gems with star close to each other. Watch out for the bomb! It counts down every spin and will take away 45 seconds if it explodes.
    * Invincible Fire Monster Ball: match 3 gems with star will get a "Fire Monster Ball" which will eliminate ALL the gem on screen!!!


    Official site: spinpop
    Purchase: App Store
    Price: FREE
    08-19-2011 02:15 PM