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    Play a new iPhone game just released by the award-winning creators of Expedition: Africa!

    Available in the App Store-- just search "Red's Escape!"

    Evil has come again to the land, and it's up to Special Agent Red of the Happily Ever After agency to set things right! Pursued by her enemies, Red must use her fantastic belt to ascend the witch's tower and save Granny. Dodge traps and collect treats as you seek high scores in this thrilling adventure game! Will Red be able to save Granny and defeat Evil? Will happy endings prevail?

    Red's Escape is an adventure game centered on avoiding enemies and scoring points as you climb the different stages of the witch's tower. Red ascends the tower using her belt, which is used like a grappling hook to grab objects and swing Red to new heights. A simple tap-to-throw interface makes the game simple to learn but difficult to master...finding the right rhythm to your throws is the key! Along the way various enemies and obstacles will attempt to derail the player, from gun-toting piggies, sharp spikes, and a maniacal witch. And chasing Red all the while is Gretel, a lederhosen-clad, pastry-fueled behemoth who wants nothing more than to crush the life out of her!


    - Simple tap-to-throw controls.
    - OpenFeint enabled
    - Leaderboards and Achievements
    - 10 Unique levels of gameplay
    - Easy for kids to learn, challenging enough for adults to play

    Stay tuned for more levels and updates!

    -Pod Digital, Inc.

    If you're an established reviewer and would like to review the game, let us know via PM and we'll send a promo code your way
    08-18-2011 10:19 AM

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