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    OrganiDoc HD is an easy-to-use iPad file management application recently released by Wenjoy Technologies. Turn iPad into a manageable file storage with automatic file categorization; transfer files to and fro between iPad and PC/Web Storage; protect sensitive files all within this solid and streamlined application.

    Bypassing the iOS restriction of using iPad to store files, OrganiDoc HD transfers and manages files between iPad and PC or Web Storage, either with a USB cable or wirelessly. It recognizes file types and automatically categories documents, pictures and multimedia files to achieve a well-organized personal file system on iPad.

    Opening and viewing files are made easy. OrganiDoc HD supports virtually all file formats on iOS. Use the visually intuitive interfaces, like Preview Window and Cover Flow, to quickly navigate to and access files. It also saves email attachments (even ZIP/RAR/Archive) right from within the email application. No more fumbling through emails boxes to find attachments. Retrieve or dispatch them to other applications quickly.

    File security is an important concern of OrganiDoc HD. A dedicated, password-protected storage is used for storing confidential files at the control of the user. Web Storage access, which is integrated with OrganiDoc HD, is also password-enabled with sharing status control.

    OrganiDoc HD also provides convenient features to take advantage of the mobility of iPad. Use Air Print to easily print files/photos from iPad. Use TV Out to connect to TV or projectors for an instant presentation.

    Wenjoy Technologies is proud to release OrganiDoc HD, which, with its other outstanding iOS applications, brings expedience, convenience and control of digital media to the mobile platform users.
    08-17-2011 05:20 PM