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    Mr. Coffee is the only App. that will allow the iPhone to make coffee! And much more! You can make: Espresso, American coffee, cappuccino and tea with a 3D graphics and a liquid handling never seen before.

    In addition, through the section that contains COFFEE TIPS (professional video), you will learn to make great coffee just like the professionists

    You can choose the following CUP:

    - 7 cups for espresso coffee
    - 7 cups for American coffee
    - 7 cups for cappuccino
    - 7 cups for tea

    Choose a cup that you like! And with future free updates will add new cups even more colorful and more beautiful.

    Many types of: COFFEE - TEA - SUGAR

    - 3 types of coffee
    - 3 types of sugar
    - 3 types of tea

    To meet every need

    - Functionality SHARE IT -

    After preparing your drink share it on Twitter and Facebook to offer a virtual cafe to your friends

    - Functionality FIND IT -

    With this feature, you can find through your GPS, where there are Pubs and Bar in your area to enjoy a REAL coffee!
    08-13-2011 03:17 AM