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    Taskulous, Lucian Boboc
    $1.99, ***1/2


    • Simple task/to do list editor
    • Integrates with the calendar

    • Overlap between task categories
    • No automatic task placement

    With Apple coming out with an integrated task list/to do list manager, we will probably see a lot of to-do list managers out there sort of fade into obscurity. That’s too bad, because there are some nice ones, that add details and complexity depending on what you are looking for. Taskulous is one that tries to keep things relatively simple, but offers a few nice features as well.

    In Taskulous, you start with being presented a simple screen with five options – inbox, today, scheduled, someday, or logbook. These represent how Taskulous divides up tasks. You can create a new task by entering any of these categories, hitting the + button, then put in the information. You can include a note if you want to write some comments. You can also choose to have due dates. And right there was one of the problems I had with the app.

    I was envisioning that you can put an app in anywhere, and it will automatically be sorted. If you create an app with a due date of today, it would automatically appear in the “today” list. If you created one with a future due date, it would appear in the “scheduled” list. And so forth. But this is not what happens. If I went into the inbox to create a task, the task would only appear in the inbox. If you put it in the scheduled, it would only appear there. It doesn’t make much sense to me that you have to manually sort these tasks by yourself.

    One nice thing I liked in the app was that tasks which were completed would be moved to the Log. That way, you can see previous tasks, without having the clutter up the interface (and distracting you from what you really need to be doing right now). The shift from active to “log” occurs two days after a task is completed. Overdue items are written in red, with a red notification badge, but no pop up message.

    In addition, I liked the there was an integration with the iPhone calendar. It wasn’t automatic – you had to manually select “add event” in order to put it in the calendar. And even then, it would only appear as an appointment. Once it was entered in the calendar, there was no further interaction between the calendar and the app – you couldn’t mark something as done in the calendar, and if you change the deadline or something, the old appointment would still stay there. I was disappointed by this, but not surprised since Apple hasn’t really integrated the calendar too much with apps.

    There is a free version if you want to try before you buy.

    All in all, Taskulous is a simple, straight forward task manager that allows for some organization of tasks along with calendar integration. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sort tasks into the appropriate category (today, future, someday) by itself – you need to do that manually, which removes some of the simplicity of the app. If you want a simply task manager, at $1.99 this might fit the bill, but don’t look for any features, even automatic sorting of apps into the appropriate folder. Three and a half out of five stars.

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    08-12-2011 03:57 PM