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    Hands down the simplest, most secure and flexible way to safeguard your most important secrets. KEYBOX is the first prosumer security app for the iPhone« and iPod touch«.

    KEYBOX is powered by BCrypt, SHA-256 & AES-256, the algorithms used by major banks and e-commerce sites to safeguard their secrets! And now YOURS!

    On top of that, KEYBOX is uniquely designed to reduce and eliminate patterns prior to encryption. What sets it apart is its use of advanced techniques such as content shuffling, data masquerading and noise data in conjunction with encryption. The less assumptions hackers can make, the stronger your secrets will be.

    And KEYBOX is as easy as it is strong. Each screen feels familiar so that you'll already know how to use it from day one! KEYBOX abstracts away the details of cryptography so you don't need to learn anything to benefit from it.
    Best of all, KEYBOX never locks you in. It lets you leave at any time and will export ALL your secrets in regular, plain text for you. KEYBOX comes equipped with its own built-in web server so you can use any browser and any computer to download your secrets! Afterwards, should you decide to use a different security product you'll invest LESS effort migrating all your secrets. KEYBOX is designed to lock others out, not lock you in. After all, they're YOUR secrets!

    Secrets you can safeguard with KEYBOX
    • Passwords
    • Website addresses
    • Bank accounts
    • PHOTOS!!!
    • Maps
    • Contacts
    • Rendezvous points
    • Dates and times
    • Notes
    • And more!

    You can even create your own custom secrets with combinations of these!

    KEYBOX supports the following languages (with more on the way!)
    • English
    • French / Franšais
    • Japanese / 日本語
    • Spanish / Espa˝ol

    If you're as serious about security as KEYBOX is, now is the time to check it out!

    08-12-2011 01:34 AM

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