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    The game is available in both Apple App Store and Android Market.

    "Catch the Coins" is a unique challenging physics-based puzzle game.

    Colin is the small funny and greedy leprechaun who loves coins and the only thing standing between him and all coins is you. Help Colin to collect all coins into his pot of gold using magic wood.

    You can complete any level by helping Colin to catch only one coin, but your ultimate goal is to catch as many coins as possible to win all possible stars.

    To achieve this you can join the magic wooden sticks together by crossing them with your finger!

    Not all coins are easy to catch. You have use your creativity and puzzle solving skills to catch all of them.

    You can build complicated constructions from wooden sticks in order to perform the trickiest catch of all coins on any level.

    Remember: the magic wood is not endless and the less magic wood you use to catch the coins the better your final score is.

    Some levels have various mechanic objects which you can use to catch all coins: rotating wheels, metal trolleys, springs, stones etc.

    Key Features:

    - 30 exciting levels with many more coming soon
    - realistic and accurate physics engine
    - beautiful graphics
    - thrilling puzzles to train your brain
    - you can complete every level using different ways
    08-11-2011 11:42 AM