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    I've released a new app called "Modum Free". IT'S FREE!!


    Modum is the easiest contact group manager. Modum means "group" in Korean.
    Modum lets you collect, organize your contacts into several groups with ease-to-use.
    Modum can send an SMS/E-Mail to a group of contacts.

    Modum also features a snippet manager.
    If you spend a lot of time to type same text(like emoticons, web site address, business e-mail, signature and so on) over and over, Modum is the app for you. You can easily save and categorize snippets that you copied from other apps on your iPhone. You can organize snippets in any categories you choose and then you have quick access to use them fast whenever you need them. Instead of typing the same text over and over, with these snippets, you can quickly send SMS, e-mail, copy to the clipboard for other apps on your iPhone for just single tap.

    Modum has a built-in snippet editor for you. It has Unicode symbol/emoji keyboard that lets you enter 530+ Unicode symbol(☀☁☂☂☄☎☞☠☺☯♚♘♠♥♧)/470+ Japanese Emoji character.

    ✔Group Management(Create,Remove,Modify)
    ✔Easily include/exclude contacts in group for SMS or Mail
    ✔A contact can be assign to several groups
    ✔Shows "No Group Contacts"
    ✔Exchange members between groups
    ✔Can edit a contact information
    ✔Automatic synchronize contact information.
    ✔Group SMS
    ✔Group e-Mail(TO, CC, BCC)
    ✔Powerful snippet manager
    ✔Categorize snippets into groups
    ✔Add, remove and use snippet easily
    ✔Built in text editor with emoji/unicode symbol keyboard

    ★ OTHER APPS :
    ✔ eBanner : The ultimate/versatile scrolling banner application to say something effectively.(Featured Emoji Keyboard Unlocker, Built-In Unicode symbol keyboard and Emoji Keyboard)
    ✔ TweetBanner : Display your tweets like a photo frame with external monitor display.
    08-11-2011 01:36 AM

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