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    ★★★IGS Mobile Games have reached 1 Million Downloads!
    To celebrate, Mega Bad will be free for a limited time only! Hurry up and grab it before the deal is over!★★★

    Get it FREE NOW!

    Tides of fireballs come rushing toward you; boomerangs and arrows wont stop chasing you; you must face the challenge on this massive land, give all your best in order to defeat theHERO? Thats right! Breaking all traditions, in this game you will play as the bad guys! Maker of popular games Great Solitaire and Panda BBQ, IGS brings you a brand new Evading Action game Mega Bad! Now lead the poor Slime and avoid away!

    In Mega Bad you will play as the bad guys. The objective is to avoid waves of attacking objects and Heroes with ridiculous powers while trying to gather items and coins that will make things easier. Each stage has a unique theme which includes a background, a Hero, and a upgradeable player character.

    There will be different types of power-ups popping up on each stage that will give you ability boosts. And with the help of special Attacking Skill items, you may even scare away the Heroes for a change!

    - Tilt your device to move the Slime. Evade all moving objects attacking you
    - Gain extra points by getting Close Calls (evades with close proximity)
    - Random power-ups may grant you shields, neutralize attacks, speed-ups, speed-downs (enemy), or even Attacking Skills to fire at the Hero
    - Coins will also appear randomly, gather them to level your characters!
    - Each upgradeable skills increase the effects of power-ups as you level up

    - Gyroscope Controls
    - Theme-based Stage Designs (more will be added in future updates)
    - Character Leveling and Development System
    - Crazy Boss Attacks
    - Lots of Avatars for each Player Character

    ★Theme Packs
    - More unique Theme Packs (1 Stage, 1 Hero, 1 Player Character in each pack) will be released in future updates. V1.0 includes:
    - Grassland: Play as the poor Slime, fight the Hero wearing a pointed hat and a Giant Tuna on the grassland
    - Spaceship: Play as the Space Security Guard and try to survive the attacks of a wand-wielding Master

    Fans of IGS Mobile Games, thank you so much for your continuous support! We will keep doing our best to make even better games! Please share your comments with us!

    Official website :
    Join us on Facebook : IGS Games | Facebook
    Join us on Twitter : IGS Games (@igsgames) on Twitter

    Check out this HD trailer for Mega Bad on Youtube !!
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    we are pleased to inform you the latest update of Mega Bad v1.2 with new stuff!!
    Download and challenge new graveyard stage and new BOSS!!

    iTunes Link:

    A new level has been added! In the Graveyard, you will play the role as a poor zombie, trying to survive the attacks of the Hero wearing a black cloak. The stage is now dynamic, as coffins and tombstones will pop up to help you block attacking objects. But beware, they may also block your way! A new power-up is also added: the Spiked Shield! You can now defend and attack at the same time (does not work on Boss)!

    What's New in Version 1.2:
    - New Theme Pack: Graveyard! A new stage, a new Hero, and a new playable character! Pack unlockable with coins.
    - New Power-up: Spiked Shield! Defend and Attack at the same time (Graveyard)
    - Dynamic Environment (Graveyard)
    - New Leaderboards
    - New Achievements

    Thank you Fans! Mega Bad has received a lot of support from players around the world! We will keep adding more contents, theme packs, and am even developing new modes. Help us by spreading the words!
    08-23-2011 09:24 PM
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    :d gooooooooooood
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    08-24-2011 07:37 AM
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    Very cool~~~~~
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    08-25-2011 02:37 AM
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    Hello Mega Bad fans, we hope you enjoy the new Theme Pack released in the previous update!
    Thanks for reporting bug that caused the game to crash.
    We have already fixed it so enjoy v1.3 and challenge the new stage!
    We are working on a new update already, so stay tuned for even more exciting contents!

    What's New In Version 1.3
    -Fixed bug that causes the game to crash under some conditions.

    Let's beat the BOSS!!!
    09-04-2011 10:19 PM
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    Thank you for your support!
    We will do our best to make it better with more theme packs!
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    09-06-2011 09:52 PM
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    oops...I need another 350 to upgrade my stuff!
    09-06-2011 10:05 PM
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    Thank you for your support!
    Keep working on it and you'll be able to upgrade very soon
    09-07-2011 10:03 PM
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    Hello, IGS fans!
    We have a Hot Sale on Mega Bad and its FREE for a limited time only!
    Jump into App Store and grab it as soon as you can! Enjoy Graveyard Stage and beat the new BOSS!!

    Get it FREE NOW!

    Official website :
    Join us on Facebook : IGS Games | Facebook
    Join us on Twitter : IGS Games (@igsgames) on Twitter

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    Far-out!!!!!!!!!!! Far-out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    09-14-2011 02:39 AM
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    3 Days Left!!!

    Grab the chance and download Mega Bad for FREE today!!
    New update v1.4 will be released this week!
    With new features and much more bonus in the game!
    Stay tuned!!
    09-19-2011 04:03 AM
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    Mega Bad new update v1.4 is now available on App Store!

    iTunes Link

    What's New In Version 1.4
    - Treasure Chests: Defeat the Hero and Treasure Chests filled with items will drop!
    - New Puzzle System: Collect puzzle pieces to unlock background art and win prizes!
    - New Avatars: Unlock Avatars by achieving certain scores on each stage!

    Puzzle icon on the center-bottom of screen.

    Treasure Chest in the game.

    Extra bonus from Treasure Chest.

    Collect all puzzle pieces to win a BIG prize!!

    Enjoy new update and new features!!
    We welcome your upload of completed puzzle!!
    Thank you all for your support.

    IGS Games | Facebook
    IGS Games (@igsgames) on Twitter
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  13. Sprite Cola's Avatar
    Puzzle pieces!!!!!
    Nice feature~can't wait to see completed background.
    09-22-2011 12:27 AM
  14. LonelyIndie's Avatar
    perfect game for my opinion
    09-29-2011 02:05 PM
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    New theme pack in Mega Bad v1.5 has been released the Candyville!
    You will play as the poor Wolf, trying to survive the attacks of Little Red.
    Just say NO to those sweet pies and candy bars!

    To unlock Candyville, no need to worry about 2,000 coins if you have 【Rodeo King】 installed in your device.

    Free download for a limited time only!! Starts from Nov.2!!

    ★Whats New in Version 1.5:
    - New Theme Pack: Candyville!
    - New Puzzle to collect and unlock!
    - New Wolf Icon!
    - Get 2,000 Coins FREE by downloading IGSs Rodeo King!
    - Supports IGS Live
    - New Achievements and Leaderboards

    New Themed Stage- Candyville

    Little Red Attack!

    Collect all puzzle pieces!

    Level Up Yourself!

    More avatars!
    More boss attacks!
    More surprises in Candyville! and more stages coming soon!!
    11-01-2011 04:11 AM
  16. glanchris1125's Avatar
    FREE today!! Thanks!!
    11-02-2011 02:38 AM
  17. coffeepotlabs's Avatar
    Love tilt games.

    11-08-2011 01:12 PM