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    Press Quotes:
    "Magnetic Baby is an iPhone and iPod touch app that brings together the physics and platform genres in a delightfully challenging way." - appsafari (5/5)

    "A Fun Platformer with Depth Beyond Its Cutesy Graphics" - touchreviews (9/10)

    "Magnetic Baby is a fun, cute platformer." - 148apps (8/10)

    "Magnetic Baby provides innovative gameplay, and takes full advantage of an iOS device." - APPLE'N'APPS (4/5)

    "If you can master the controls and like a good challenge wrapped up in a pleasing package, Magnetic Baby is destined to make a home on your iOS device." - APPSPY (4/5)

    "Magnetic Baby is a real delight to play. The cartoon graphics suit it perfectly as the game serves up its own share of frustration and delight." - AppGamer (8/10)

    "A must-have for anyone interested in a good physics puzzler with a heavy dose of platforming action." - ifanzine (9/10)

    "Magnetic Baby doesn't do a whole lot new, but what it does, it does it with a redeeming style." - Gaming app of the day, kotaku

    "Itís an inventive mixture of a number of genres to create a new physics puzzler with a very inviting art style." - appolicious

    "Magnetic Baby will likely polarise opinion, but its low price means itís worth finding out which camp you belong in" - pocketgamer(6/10)

    "Magnetic Baby is a surprisingly good successful game title. The 63 levels provide plenty of variety, the great physics for a high fun factor and the beautiful graphics for the visual well-being. " - IreviewT

    "It will take a few games to become familiar with one of the controls, but once done this game iPhone and iPad is a marvel." - applicationiphone (7/10)

    "The game looks good and is nicely presented, the unique levels rise quickly leave it no boredom." -appgefahren

    It's dangerous everywhere on the magnetic planet after the disaster. Play as a hero to rescue the girl in danger!
    To finish the rescue sucessfully, you need to overcome all the barriers, using the magnetic force and controlling the movement correctly.

    Game features:
    - perfect physical performences, make a good use of the magnetic force as well as your accurate control, to overcome the dangers you will face!
    - Phase gates, wheels, fans, lasers and more obstacles are waiting for you, use your brain, think of a way to collect all the bonus in the levels!
    - 3 worlds, with 63 levels are waiting for you to explore!
    - With the colorful and cute art style, you will feel like being in a beautiful fairy-tale world!
    - You can switch among 3 kinds of control at any time(Tilt, Drag, virtual pad), choose your favorate type of control to play the game!
    - Challenge for the shortest time of completion, save your excellent show, and share your replays with your friends!
    - unlock 17 achievements to finish the game perfectly!
    - Use openfeint to compete with the other players online!

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