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    Tooth Camp, the iOS app which strives to improve tooth brushing habits by putting users in a boot camp setting, has gone trans-Atlantic, adding English and Welsh drill instructors to the existing American taskmaster.

    The app is a countdown timer on steroids - a drill instructor talks to users whilst they brush their teeth, offering encouragement, dental health tips, "constructive” criticism, and the occasional chuckle along the way.

    Tooth Camp breaks the mouth up into quadrants; the more structured approach ensuring that sufficient time is focussed in each area of the mouth. There is also a custom “Maggot Engine” which ensures that every commentary delivered by a drill instructor is different.

    Availability and Pricing
    Tooth Camp is currently available on the App Store for $0.99:

    Also check out the youtube video - I'm rather proud of it.
    08-09-2011 04:07 AM

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