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    Hello all,
    I am pleased to let you know that iDropLabs launched a new game "Bug Smashing" this game has focused on kids, as its a very fun, colourful & intuitive game. Here is a brief of the game.

    In BugSmashing, your task is to smash bugs. Also look out for the lady bugs or Love Bugs as we call it. Once your Tap n Kill this innocent bug, the game ENDS, and also some more instructions to play this game, please read the help tips.

    There are two game mode:
    1) Classic : It mainly based on Life. User will have total 20 lifes, if you miss smashing a bug then you will lose a life.
    2) Challenge: Its time based. You have to smash bugs in 2 minutes.

    BugSmashing is a very well thought game where you can take revenge on the annoying pests.

    Features Include:
    1. Multi-tap game play
    2. Creepy crawlers
    3. Exciting sound effects
    4. Five Pre-loaded Music
    5. Attractive point scoring
    7. FACEBOOK & TWITTER integrated

    iDrops Lab will be dedicated to give you the experience of game play excitement in every game it develops & BugSmashing is our 1st game. We will greatly appreciate your comments and feedback.

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    08-08-2011 04:13 AM