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    The most fun you can have on the iPad 2 is here!

    Autostachic utilizes the newest in facial recognition technology to fit the user with a mustache in real-time (augmented reality), no photoshopping here. The mustache finds you.

    Sharing capabilities on Facebook, Twitter, Email

    You can learn more and watch the video at the autostachic .com website
    You can learn more about the developers at the QuanticFox website

    Price: $1.99, On sale for 99c the next week.

    Developer: Quantic Fox

    Quantic Fox launched in February of 2011 and have three apps launching this August (Inspire, AlbumTrackr, and Autostachic). We currently have GetShort on the iPhone and Android devices.

    We update new mustaches every month for free and have a beard pack coming out this month as well.

    Mustaches for all!
    08-04-2011 11:58 AM