1. eright's Avatar
    I found this game, and then my gf gave me a kiss and took my iphone4 with this game go away, i have never seen her any more, oh my lady gaga

    iTunes Game Name: Cloud Girl


    <> Easy to play, all controlled by "one touch"
    <> 8 kinds of evil cloud monsters, the perfect embodiment of good and evil
    <> 4 magic gears
    - Lucky Heart
    - Meteor Sakura
    - Spirit Green
    - Music Pill
    <> 4 challenge competitions, create your full-star achievement
    - Golden Score
    - Extreme Time
    - Crazy Sakura
    - Cloud Hero
    <> 4 seasons scenes conversion, 4 seasons music string
    - Spring of Country
    - Summer of Ocean
    - Autumn of Forest
    - Winter of Castle
    <> 4 impromptu canzonets, pleasing monologue in flying tour
    <> Lovely funny scene sounds, tension and relax in one time
    <> Game score top10 list, 4 star-medals of the challenges
    <> Interactive help system, quick to grasp the control skill
    08-03-2011 11:38 AM