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    Search 'Counts' in the App Store, or look in the Utilities section. Here's our blurb:

    Do you want to count something? Well, Counts is the app for you. Sure, you could count in your head, but it's hard to count more than one thing at a time, and what happens when someone interrupts you? Don't worry, Counts solves both of those problems.

    Why not just use pen and paper? Yuck. That takes both hands, and you constantly have to look down and make sure you wrote the right thing. Counts eliminates that by playing a short sound. It can also trigger a quick vibration. So what else can Counts do? Read along for some of the features and then give it a try.


    - Count by swiping the screen: right to increase; left to decrease.
    - Create up to 3 active counts at one time, all on the same screen.
    - Archive up to 250 counts for later use.
    - Play an audible alert on increase or decrease.
    - Each alert can be different.
    - Choose from 23 different sounds.
    - Make the device vibrate on increase or decrease.
    - Count in multiples. Want to count by 10? No problem.
    - Give each count a custom name.
    - Add additional notes.
    - Quickly e-mail the details of a count.
    - Counts can disable Auto-Lock to keep the screen from turning off while you're counting.

    So, do you need to take physical inventory? Count laps, cars, or customers? Keep track of how many times your colleague says umm during his presentation? Heck, you can pass Counts to the back seat during a long car ride and let your kids count the number of bridges, convertibles, and stop lights. Whatever it is that you want to count, we hope you let Counts do it for you.
    08-03-2011 07:22 AM
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