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    *** FULL GAME 50% OFF ***
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    Make this chick dig... avoid or kill monsters, mine gems to open exit and get out before it is too late...

    ************************************************** ********

    The exciting world of Amberground invites you for a great adventure in which you will:
    -explore 100 action packed, unique levels set in 5 distinct locations
    -score bonus points for picking stones of same color one after another in 20 combo levels
    -cleverly dig tunnels to escape, set traps or remove obstacles
    -use boulders and bombs to kill enemies or destroy cracked walls
    -use magic to grab gems, push stones and bombs or dig soil to open passages
    -farm gems by enclosing up to 39 mushrooms before they turn into a pile of stones
    -kill monsters to get their treasure
    -get 1-3 stars for your mining performance (1 star required to advance level)
    -choose between left and right handed controller layout
    -Invite your friends to compete for the top rank in leaderboard and see who unlocks more achievements.
    07-30-2011 06:06 PM