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    Digital-press present a music video game which allows you to have fun and play in a very unusual way by using a number of crystal glasses of various shapes and with different liquids.
    It is a unique experience in itself and we guarantee you have never tried such an interactive way of playing an instrument as particular as this one.
    There is a vast variety of ways to play it: A Free Mode option in which you can choose your own glasses and liquids to let your imagination free and create original sounds or composing real music with the option C, D, E.
    For the ones who want to "fiddle around" the option Game Mode is the right choice: you will try to replicate the notes visualized on iPhone/iPad and you can challenge yourself with over 20 levels of pure fun.
    Follow the notes created by the virtual composer and replicate the melodies but do not over stress the glasses: crystal is fragile and it may break!
    Glass & Roll utilizes optimized graphics for iPad with a unique application for both iDevices IOS.
    All you need to do is damping your fingertips and play. Have fun and enjoy the journey with crystal notes.

    Project page:www[dot]digital-press[dot]it
    App link: search "Glass & roll" on app store.
    Cost: 0.79 euro.
    graphic optimized for Ipad and Retina
    07-29-2011 06:05 PM