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    Moprise, developer of mobile solutions that facilitate greater levels of enterprise collaboration, has unveiled Coaxion, the first iPhone application focused on Enterprise, rather than just individual, productivity. With this product, Moprise sets a new standard in collaboration between business workers, combining online and offline access to Microsoft SharePoint and Dropbox documents, the real-time nature of Instant Messaging and the group communication and threaded conversation capabilities of email. For the first time, mobile workers have secure, seamless and instant access to the information they need to make collaborative decisions, anywhere, anytime.

    According to IDC, more than 75% of the global workforce will be mobile by 2013. The growing mobile workforce has led to improvements in employee communication, but has also presented challenges in terms of employee collaboration and productivity. While many technology applications have been developed to help consumers to connect and collaborate while on the go, mobile collaboration solutions for the business world have not been as forthcoming. And, the solutions that have been available lack important features and often require changes to a companys existing IT infrastructure, which can be costly.

    Developed by a number of former Microsoft executives, Coaxion enables enterprises to easily and cost-effectively facilitate real-time threaded conversations between co-workers, partners and customers from their iPhones (soon to extend to other smartphones and tablets) regardless of the IT infrastructure. Whether a company has already moved to the cloud or are utilizing another IT environment, they can easily bring business documents from enterprise servers or email into the conversation so that everyone can follow along, make changes and archive the communications all in a secure environment. With Coaxion, business workers can:

    - Discuss and Share in Real Time Group messaging and sharing in real-time keeps any business team in sync and moving forward, from anywhere. Employees can easily find and invite co-workers by corporate email address or from a contact list. Multiple group conversations provide context to the many tasks associated with a project and the people associated with that project. Team comments are communicated in real time on specific parts of a document. Multiple documents are available in the thread for reference and context as needed.

    - Work with Critical Business Documents Employees can seamlessly incorporate relevant corporate documents from Microsoft SharePoint as well as personal contributions from Dropbox into a conversation. Coaxions easy-to-use interface to SharePoint and Dropbox allows non-technical users to quickly view and annotate documents. The documents can be viewed with built-in viewers or third-party applications. Microsoft Office documents are optimized for high fidelity viewing so the fonts, graphics, and annotations are visible on the users device. Document previews help users quickly find the relevant document. Multi-megabyte documents can be sent quickly to all members of a conversation. The conversation can continue while documents stream in.

    - Secure all Conversations For business data, security is critical. Using Coaxion, conversations and documents are transmitted over 256-bit encrypted connections. Users have control over which individual documents are shared and with whom, as the discussion and documents are only visible to the coworkers that are explicitly invited. When a conversation is closed, the documents and discussion are removed from devices, while leaving the originals on SharePoint and Dropbox intact.

    "Coaxion is the result of our work with customers to address many of the problems associated with real-time collaboration in todays mobile world, said David DSouza, co-founder and CEO of Moprise. Corporate productivity works around three things: access to email, access to corporate documents, and access to colleagues. Today only corporate email is available securely on mobile devices. But, corporate storage has been inaccessible and not securely or easily shared by mobile users. And, employees still walk hallways with reams of paper or make decisions with incomplete data. Coaxion brings together everything business workers need for truly effective collaboration from anywhere, anytime. No other collaboration solution allows as much flexibility for the mobile enterprise.

    Coaxion is currently available for iPhone and can be downloaded at no charge from the Apple App Store. Enterprise customers who want additional features, customization and support can contact Moprise for Enterprise pricing. Coming Soon: Coaxion for iPad, designed to enable the mobile workforce to facilitate real-time conversations and information sharing and editing on a big screen.

    About Moprise
    Moprise is a fast-growing independent software company that develops mobile applications for information retrieval and workforce collaboration in the enterprise. Founded in 2009 by Charles Stevens, Russell Williams and David DSouza, Moprise is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.
    07-29-2011 04:35 PM
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    Moprise sounds like a great application, bvalencia.

    EasyData is another mobile workforce solution that I am fond of. I like the simple and intuitive user interfaces for collecting textual data, numeric data, single choice answers, multiple choice answers, pictures, video, audio and GPS locations.

    I'm going to look into MoPrise. Thanks for the post!
    05-09-2015 06:02 PM