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    We are developers.
    We will be grateful to you if give reference about the game.
    This is our first product.

    What is the difference between Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and an ordinary person?

    They better than other people noted small details, memorized and analyzed them and then made their discoveries.

    Why not pumping up our brains till their high level or even more? We could create something extraordinary like a new galaxy or a time machine, open a door to a new universe without pills like they did in The Matrix.

    When we were working on this game we were thinking what would happen if we try. We studied and analyzed the most recent trends in the field of memory development and used these researches as a basis of this game. Red color is not a mere coincidence. The scientists proved that it focuses our concentration and get faster the process of your memory improvement.

    Tests showed that even short everyday trainings improve substantively your brain receptivity.

    Due the memory improvement it also raises your capacity for work. It is especially useful for students who can noticeably improve their exam results in University. Most of the people who tested this game got better in remembering numbers, pictures and texts. More training you make the height will be the results.

    Do you want to, to compete with your friends and your family and improve your capacities?
    You can create several accounts on the one Ipad.

    Special module automatically create a diagram of a brain activity and progress for every participant.

    Check this out:
    Red Memory Trainer for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Thanking you in anticipation)
    07-26-2011 03:22 AM
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    Free for limited time!)
    09-06-2011 07:39 AM

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