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    Hi there,

    We have a new iPhone app exclusively for Londoners that was just launched, called "TubeTap". TubeTap lets commuters apply for refunds for delayed tube services.

    The app is an attempt to use public data in a way to empower citizens and it has been built entirely using open data from Transport For London.

    I have copied the official Blurb below. You can check the demo video on YouTube and the official site: TubeTap(dot)co(dot)uk


    TubeTap Launches to Automatically Compensate Tube Commuters for Delayed Services
    - Estimated £34m worth of refunds owed to Tube commuters each year; only £2m actually awarded
    - The latest app from developers of hit social app Situationist
    - A landmark for using open data and public APIs to empower citizens and consumers

    London's millions of tube commuters will no longer be forced to foot the bill for delayed Tube journeys thanks to a new iPhone app which is launching today to refund customers for late-running services.

    Launching today in iTunes App Store, TubeTap is a new app, developed by The Swarm and Turned On Digital, which automatically identifies a travellers' Underground route, calculates the journey-time and then requests a refund when the traveller is delayed by more than 15 minutes from the estimated journey time. The app submits a refund request to TFL automatically, requiring only one click from the user to consent to their data being used. A refund voucher is then sent directly to customers.

    It is estimated that £34m worth of refunds are owed to Tube commuters each year but - shockingly - only £2m in actual refunds are made, according to some estimates. Unlike other apps, TubeTap offers an automated service. All users need to do is use it like an Oyster Card - touching it when they enter and leave the station and the app does the rest.

    Representing a breakthrough in the way public data can be used to empower citizens, TubeTap has been built entirely using open data from Transport For London's and TfL's travel API. It builds on the conditions of carriage for commuters that state that if a passenger is delayed by more than 15 minutes from the estimated journey time, they are owed a refund. Until now, this has required that users manually track the delays and then apply when they get to a PC (after a frustrating journey) or by letter. Mobile technology lets passengers do this in the palm of their hand, while they're travelling.

    "We know that commuters feel unfairly treated when they get poor service from the Tube. We hope this app will help users get what they're fairly owed when they suffer from bad experiences and help hold TfL to providing good service levels," Jason DaPonte, Managing Director of THE SWARM said.

    "Using mobile technology and open data like this has allowed us to build a quality product that we believe will be a game changer for commuters," Mia Bennett, CEO of Turned On Digital said.

    TubeTap was co-developed by THE SWARM and Turned On Digital. It will launch on iPhone with Android and Blackberry versions to follow.


    About THE SWARM

    THE SWARM was founded in 2010 by ex BBC Mobile editor Jason DaPonte. It specializes in digital creative strategy working with both large clients and advising startups. TubeTap is its first independent production.

    About Turned On Digital

    Turned On Digital is a boutique mobile application development agency, based in London. It specialises in creating innovative branded and original apps. Besides working for clients such as Channel Four, CJ Entertainment and HarperCollins, Turned On Digital is the creator behind the hit social app, Situationist.
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