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    Whack a foe wishs you all a nice weekend. Here is our new DR. ROCK ENTERTAINMENT logo.
    For further information or suggestions please contact me.

    Have a good time and take care.

    Hi Folks,
    There a lot of Games in the App-Store. But there is no one which I can personalize to make it my game On Twitter I found tweet about an absolutely brand new type of game - Whack a Foe. The idea of the game is simple (but very often this is the best ) like the famous "Whack A Mole" games. The astonishing thing is, that you can take a photo with your iPhones' built in camera or choose one from your image gallery. Adjust the image until it fits and store it in your Foe-Gallery. So you are able to personalize the game to make it 100% yours! I like that idea very much. I guess that I am not the only one, that every day there a lot of freaks outside ( Boss, Teacher, Familiy, neighborhood e.g...) which are a pain in our a..s. I checked the homepage - Within the next few its possible to buy it in the App-Store. Just type whackafoe in your preferred surchengine.

    On Twitter they invited there followers to do a beta-test or preview. Does anybody like to take part, too? What do you think about the game? I am looking forward to here your comments.

    Dr. Rock Entertainement is pleased to announce our new video " Whack a Foe".

    Cant wait to play it?

    From now on its possible to get the beta-version of Whack a Foe.
    If you're interested in swinging the hammer down your nags, please let me know and send me your UDID of your i-Device, so we can make a build for you to test.

    We're updating our Twitter and Facebook pages nearly every day with more information and screenshots too.

    Watch our new Video on Youtube:

    Best Regards,

    Oli & Phil

    The latest News about " Whack a Foe " you will get also at Twitter. Join our tweets.

    Best Regards

    Oli and Phil
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    i don't like it. sorry
    07-23-2011 02:55 AM