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    W h a c k A F o e !
    The new iPhone game, that helps you to kill your daily trouble!

    Facts: What's it about?
    Everybody of us knows such feelings:
    Why is this nerd always blocking my parking lot
    Why is my boss always giving me this extra work on Fridays?
    Why is my partner having an affair with such a loser?
    Why is my teacher hating me?
    Or just: why is he/her driving me crazy?

    Wack A Foe is the solution!- Instead of cracking up. The game principle is like the famous "Whack A Mole" games. Take a hammer and whack down your foes, that arise randomly. The game gets faster and faster as you progress. Just take a photo of your foe with the iPhones built in camera or choose one from your image gallery. Adjust the image until it fits and store it in your Foe-Gallery. With the Foe-Gallery you manage your foes' and friends' heads, that is should be later on used within the game. The best way to calm down and having fun!

    Put your foes and friends directly into the game and play with them. This is done very easily. Within a few seconds every of your foes, nags, nerds e.g. is in the game. This makes the game your own creation, that you want to show to everybody.

    Target Group:
    On the basis of our experience we know that every day there are a lot of freaks outside which nagging us to death. - Rage is a dish best served cold.

    Absolutely every iPhone-User. No matter which age, or level of education.
    For further information, latest screenshots, beta version, pics ( you are free to use them ),or an exclusive preview -

    Philipp Rager
    07-21-2011 08:53 AM
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    Sick and tired of your boss?

    Whack a Foe is the solution!

    Your first 100% personalized iPhone App that kills ya daily trouble.
    just visit us on our homepage: just type whackafoe in your preferred surch engine and get the latest informations about this cool App.
    07-21-2011 08:58 AM