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    [iEveryday on the app store]

    Take a photo for yourself , your kids or your lover very day.
    Then make a video after some days or a few years later.
    You must be surprised by what has been changed on your face so far
    How can we do this with iPhone?

    Good question!
    iEveryday is coming on the App Store to meet your above requirements.

    * Take a photo every day
    * Multiple group supported
    * Adjust your photo with previous photo when you decide to take a photo
    * Adjust your photo by your set face Glid
    * Reminder you to take a photo every day at your proper time, get into the habit
    * Easy to browse and manage your photos
    * Make a smooth video
    * Support three video speed: Slow, Normal, Fast
    * Share your photos or videos to EMail, Facebook
    * Import photos from Camera Roll
    * Export photos into Camera Roll
    * Export Video into Camera Roll
    07-19-2011 11:49 PM