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    I've been played war games for years, and especially on web. For some reason, I found it handy, when I just want to kill some time during coffee hour or travel. Personally I love Travian the game a lot! People spent more than hours addict on a very simple scenario game (any one?).

    Lately, I've found this on App Store and at first I was just captured by its art design/visual. And when I started to play it then the first thing pops up on my head is 'travian'!! Felt like the time rolls back to my happy years.

    This is fun, that I don't have to stick on my PC screen and eat in front of it. I can now having the same happy hours (in fact, minutes) on my iPhone device, any time.

    The big difference to other similar game, is Chaos Age can build twice buildings at the same time than other games offered! IF you are a fan to war games, you'd know what I am talking about.. The more builds you could have at the same time, the faster your city can grow. Means more opportunity to get more soldiers and attack.

    Well, hope you can find some great time in this potable war game in pocket. And I've just establish a alliance named 'Mulching', join me and I would share a cheat for you, to get army without costing you any resource(s). Limited time offer, until the official fix it.

    (sorry guys.. can't post the link, but you can search keywords 'Chaos Age' on your own then)
    07-16-2011 07:12 PM