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    Hello People!

    As I'm new to this forum I'd like to share some feedback as my first input about an iPhone app;Who has/I have.

    Who has I have is an iPhone application that connects people locally that are interested inbuying, selling, or trading of goods, services and ideas.

    The central concept of the app is to locate, connect and evaluate the probable buyers with sellers and vice versa.

    The app also has a built in messaging service and communication module that integrates sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email.

    Furthermore, Google Maps API facilitates the user to locate the coordinates of buyers/sellers.

    Only get matches for what you want!

    No spam, or hours of endless searching!


    Sara Adam

    Hi all,

    I am a big fan of iPhone and the amazing apps that are available at App Store. Recently I stumbled upon an great app, Who has I have. Its a utility app that helps you locate traders in your area. With the help of this app you can either sell or buy stuff with zero hassle. All you need to do is download this app from App Store (FREE OF COST) and start using it. It has features such as anonymous login, real time messaging and communication, shows map locations of matches with pictures, Facebook and Twitter sharing and many more.

    After I used this app I became a staunch follower of its functionality and utilities. It provides you with new and unprecedented way to connect with people locally who are interested in buying, selling, or trading of goods, services and ideas.

    I rate it 5 star and highly recommend it to you all. Especially household users.


    Sara Adam


    Just when i was running out of time to wind up my business i came across Who has i have, one amazing and useful application. Due to its user friendly features i sold most of my products within no time at all! Not only that, through this application i was able to get some really catchy deals for my new business as well.Today i am good enough to care of my business,Also having wonderful idea's through this application.Get it now (it is free Application) if you were also planing the same like me.It's less time consumer and effective in business...


    Sara Adam


    If you love Apple you'll love App Store. Apple's App Store is a technological phenomenon. Millions of utility apps are up for grabs. Free apps provide users with a facility to enjoy amazing apps on their iPhone. One such app that caught my attention is Who has I have. Who has I have is a utility app for traders looking to buy/sell products in a locality. Image upload options and GPS service based features makes the search for prospects easier than ever. Furthermore, Facebook and Twitter share options enables you to share your activity with friends and followers alike. I'd recommend this app to anyone who is looking to buy/sell. And its fro FREE!!!

    Alex John
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