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    Available in Plus and Light versions, the application will allow you to navigate through the military art drawings included in the Codex Atlanticus, the largest and most amazing collection of Leonardo's sheets. With its audio descriptions, explanations and transcriptions, “Da Vinci’s Codex” application is an authentic digital journey across the pages of one of the most important manuscripts in the history of mankind. “Da Vinci’s Codex” – this is the name of the app now available on the AppStore at € 7.90 and in the “light” version at € 0.79 – is the result of an agreement signed by the two parties, aimed at promoting the Codex Atlanticus of Leonardo Da Vinci. This led to a series of exhibitions with the aim of showing the original sheets of Leonardo to the public. Indeed,
    starting from the acquisition of an enormous amount of high quality digital images De Agostini Editore created an application able to collect all the best military art drawings included in the Codex Atlanticus: 45 sheets in high definition, illustrating the development of architectural and scientific thought of the world’s most famous inventor on the subject of the art of fortification, now ready to be explored and navigated thanks to “Da Vinci’s Codex”.
    Among the many activities available in the App, for example, Leonardo's well-known right-to-left handwriting is revealed. Through the application, you can "mirror" the texts of the Codex Atlanticus and read them more easily .
    Moreover, Leonardo's drawings are reconstructed virtually. The machines imagined by the great genius come alive in 3D models showing how they operate.
    And that’s not all. The application, in its Premium version, allows the consultation of numerous contents, including:
    • sheets from the Codex Atlanticus and the letter to Ludovico il Moro (a sort of "resume”of that time)
    • audio description of each sheet in Italian, English, French and Japanese
    • written explanations of each image in Italian and English
    • transcriptions of some sheets in old Italian, modern Italian, and English
    • an enigma to be solved and a challenging game to play
    • a presentation from the Veneranda Biblioteca Pinacoteca Ambrosiana
    • a biography of Leonardo Da Vinci
    • calendar of the exhibitions on the subject of the Codex Atlanticus to be held at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana
    ... And much more!
    More info on the dedicated fanpage on facebook or in itunes store!
    07-14-2011 03:26 AM

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