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    OptionPositionCS was just approved for the iPhone and iPad.

    Looking for a businesss reason to purchase an iPad? OptionPositionCS values a set of stock options as the price of the underlying stock varies, as the date advances and as volatility changes. Using 15 minute delayed option prices, OptionPositionCS calculates implied volatility using the Black-Scholes formula and uses that volatility to calculate the value and Greek functions for differing stock price and time to expiration. AAPL, BAC, GE, SPY, USO and GLD included in the $1.99 App. All NYSE/NASDAQ stocks become available for a $2.99 per month subscription fee.

    If you understand half of this - check out www . OptionPosition . com
    or itunes . apple . com/us/app/optionpositioncs/id444672010?mt=8#
    07-13-2011 03:24 PM