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    Brief Description:

    The App of Random Kindness that helps you make someones day!

    KindApp makes it easy to to bring a smile to someone's face by deciding what random act of kindness you will do today, and so giving you that little extra 'push' to get involved.

    The acts of kindness include things to do that cost nothing (or very little) in monetary terms, involving just your time and effort in most cases. Some of the acts may feel a little odd, and need a little confidence, but once started they will become more and more fulfilling.


    Spreads happiness by picking a random act of kindness to do.
    Over 50 different acts, keeping the happiness going again and again.
    Many acts of kindness that cost very little or are free to do.
    Clean, elegant design making it quick and easy to make someone's day.
    Shake to pick the act for the day.

    Find KindApp on the App Store or on Twitter (@KindAppOfficial)
    (I hope that Twitter may become places to share stories)

    This is only my second app, so I would really appreciate any feedback.
    07-13-2011 04:47 AM

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