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    HI PEOPLE >> <3
    Iím studying IE& BBA at university and I found a really cool app which helps me learn and experience traditional paper-cuttings! In fact,Iím not familiar with traditional Chinese culture, however, through this app, now I got a little sense of what Chinese culture is . I enjoy unique design and beauty of intricate patterns of Chinese traditional yet very distinctive craftsmanship!! I heard that paper-cutting, through a long history, has been widely used to decorate walls or doors in a hope of brining good luck! Well, you might get your fortune via these paintings! Pick one as your wallpaper keep it for your iPad :P The HALF PRICE DISCOUNT EVENT for this app will start on this Friday, July 15th till Sunday 17th. Please donít miss this great opportunity. I bet you wouldnít regret it haha

    Name: the Chinese Paper-cut
    07-13-2011 01:17 AM