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    <Absolute Lang> Make you have an insight into economy

    Absolute Lang
    People have good understand of economy don't necessarily know who is Larry Lang, but people who knows Larry Lang must be have a deep knowledge for economy.

    Larry Lang, a world-class expert of company administration and finance. He is committed to the anatomy of China's domestic business cases. He is incisive in conversation and his thinking is very special.

    Now, Angell Echo and INFIVISION have been cooperating with Larry Lang to launch a new APP for iPhone called < Absolute Lang>. This new application allows the user to more easily to read books and watch video of Professor Lang.

    < Absolute Lang>
    Category: Business
    Released: Jul 06, 2011
    Version: 1.0
    Size: 5.5 MB
    Languages: English, Chinese
    angellEcho 2011
    绝对郎咸平! for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    ★Reading books, listening to audio, watching video and enjoy the photo, we will continuously update every month.
    ★You can ask questions with Professor Lang or write letter to him, Professor Lang will personally reply your questions.
    ★Professor Lang exclusive license to us, we are the only legitimate software.
    - Professor Langs 6 new books
    《The company's secret》
    《Financial War》
    《behind of the hot topic》
    《everyone cant escape the financial crisis》
    《Who killed the Chinese economy》
    《Who saved the Chinese economy》

    -Each book with an audio and video, can watch and listen to downloaded, also can add to favorites, it will update every month.
    -Ten high definition photos by Professor Lang, you can download to your photo album or share with your friend.
    -Ask question online to Professor Lang, he will answer the questions by himself every week.
    -If we found the unauthorized edition in the APP STORE released, we will prosecute to the Apple until withdrawn. Please support the authority version!
    - All rights reserved by SHANGHAI INFIVISION CO., LTD
    -This APP made by ANGELL ECHO TECHNOLOGY CULTURE MEDIA CO., LIMITED. If you have any question or suggest, you can mail to us.
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