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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to share that we've just released our latest app - Touchnote Postcards.

    Touchnote lets you send any photo from your iPhone or Android phone as a real, printed postcard! All you need to do is select the photo, choose a recipient and a message - and we do all the rest for you. The app is FREE to download and each postcard is only $1.49 for printing, posting and sending anywhere in the world. If you buy a multi-pack postcard can cost as cheap as 99c. The postcards are printed on a 300dpi full color glossy paper.

    Lots of other features like zooming/cropping the photo, showing a tiny Google maps at the back of the postcard, and more.

    Our users tell us that they love to use Touchnote on holiday/traveling, to send a photo to someone who's not using email/Facebook, or just to say Thank You or Happy Birthday in a more personal, meaningful way.

    You can download the app from the App Store - search for Touchnote Postcards.

    Or see a video of the app on our Facebook page - search for Touchnote app.

    Any thoughts of feedback please feel free to send us on hello at touchnote.com
    07-03-2011 06:29 PM