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    Thanks to this amazing forum and a few others I have completed and submitted my first iOS app to Apple.

    The game is something new I created called a structural puzzle, the goal is to protect the cavemen from a horrible rock slide that would vanish the human race once and for all. There is an inventory of items available to build a structure to protect this caveman and a timer counting down the seconds left before the rock slide arrives. Every level adds a new level of difficulty. Finally, at the end their are what I named "Architect Levels" which include new features, such as a Gravity Stopper, allows you to stop the Box2D world's gravity for 5 seconds to achieve harder builds using overhangs and anchors.

    This 1.0 version has 18 total levels, for my first update I am adding 6 IceAge levels, where the user would have to battle the snow and icy conditions to build. Also I am going to add a Quick Build setting which will supply less time per build making it all even harder.

    That site also has a small blog I started as I was creating the game. It has been "In Review" for a day now so I am hoping it will be ready for sale soon.

    I want to thank every one here for indirectly helping me finish this game. Many of my questions were the same as many others questions so I just searched and found many of my answers. Some others I just tried my best to figure out on my own. I greatly appreciate this forum and hopefully I can continue using it for more games in the future.

    Check out the trailer on youtube. Search: RockSlide iOS Game

    Follow on Twitter @RockSlideTweets

    and on Facebook "RockSlide"

    Thank You
    06-30-2011 10:39 PM
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    RockSlide is officially in the AppStore. Again thank to anyone that helped and everyone that helped indirectly through this forum and a few others..itunes.apple.com/us/app​/rockslide/id446928189?mt=8

    I have promo codes, if anyone is interested please send a PM to receive one.

    Thank you!
    07-08-2011 09:48 AM

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