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    We have just finished developing our first app, called SandBox. It allows you to just play in a sandbox by pushing sand around

    Here are some of the features

    - Full 3D sand simulation
    - Fun tools to interact with the sand including Finger, Vacuum, Rake, Stamp, Scraper, Smoother and Eraser
    - Sand color and moisture that can be changed to get a different SandBox feel
    - Freedom to move and rotate the SandBox to reveal the scenery around
    - A "Dreamy" mode for extra relaxation
    - The ability to sculpt the sand from a picture from your camera or Photo Roll
    - Easy sharing of your SandBox creation with friends through e-mail, Facebook or saving a screenshot to your Photo Roll
    - Day and Dusk modes featuring playful or relaxing music to suit your mood

    You can see an iPad gameplay demo on youtube if you just search for "ipad sandbox" on there.

    It should be live July 1st in the AppStore for both iPhone and iPad, but we'd love to hear your thoughts ahead of time..

    Subpar Games Team
    06-30-2011 09:51 AM