1. LCW's Avatar
    Can't seem to find that sweet Tour de France app that VS had last year for iPhone... Was hoping it would be available for iPad this year, but app store doesn't even seem to have the iPhone version anymore... I have a feeling NBC taking over VS has something to do with this!!?? Anyone know?
    06-29-2011 12:57 PM
  2. LCW's Avatar
    Well trying one that is somewhat decent (no live video like the old VS app), but for 0.99 it's not bad at all... This one is by Echoman
    06-29-2011 01:55 PM
  3. HailApple's Avatar
    While traveling in France and miss the TV shows at home, checkout the TV for iPad site streamingtvforipad.com . I'm a frequent flyer and it helps me to stay tuned while abroad. Works extremely well on 3G, but I mostly watch over hotel's WiFi as 3G would be roaming.
    10-04-2011 04:35 AM