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    Calculator is the apparatus that is no more just a device that makes your calculations quick & convenient but it’s the need of the hour. You need to have a calculator for various purposes right from the studies to the complicated accounts of the business. Thus the calculator has become an important part of our lives. Unicode Systems offers you a scientific calculator on your IPhone that can compute your complex mathematical expressions as well as to eliminate your inconvenience of taking a scientific calculator separately. Our Scientific Calculator “Calsci” has all the features & functionalities that you want to have in your ideal calculator. We are providing you with a Scientific Calculator that enables you to calculate the values of any complexity in Algebra, degrees, radians, roots, trigonometry, Logarithm, Exponents etc, on your mobile phone with utmost ease & accuracy. Calsci is loaded with the features like:-Accuracy with speedConvenience in calculate complex expressions.Easy to use interfaceEnhanced functionalities.So this can be a big asset for you either you are a student or you are a professional or a businessman. This scientific calculator will be an added advantage for you to uncomplicated your life in terms of the calculations & ‘a must’ application for your IPhone.
    06-29-2011 02:22 AM

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