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    Hi all,

    Missing a "green thumb"?

    Tired of tedious and difficult plant care?

    Wondering what care your plants need?

    Then Koubachi is the right choice for you - Koubachi gives your plant a voice!

    Koubachi helps you care for your plant in an easy and playful way.
    Choose your plant from our plant library (continuously growing, so far focused on indoor plants), calibrate the plant once and from that moment on, our smart Plant Care Engine takes over! Koubachi will then remind you when your plant needs
    * water,
    * a spray application
    * or when it's time to add fertilizer to the water.
    Depending on the plant type & season, the Koubachi Plant Care Engine provides you with exact care information based on detailed research.

    And...it's available for FREE in the app store.

    Feedback is highly appreciated (in the app or in the forum)!

    Follow us on twitter (twitter.com/Koubachi) or facebook (facebook.com/Koubachi) to stay tuned on additions to the plant library and other news.

    Thank you and have a nice day!


    To close it, below a short overview on the features:
    * Individual care plan for each plant by species with the Koubachi Plant Care Engine
    * Get push notification when a task is due
    * Choose the perfect time to be notified
    * Plant library containing most common species (continuously growing, so far focus on indoor plants)
    * Over-the-air library updates
    * Adaptive care plans, which learn from our users
    * Intuitive wizard that helps you determine the plant species
    * Select from various planter shapes & colors
    * Take pictures of your plants and add it to the plant's task overview screen
    * Post to friends on Facebook
    * Send feedback if plant species are missing!
    06-28-2011 12:06 PM
  2. DavidK#IM's Avatar
    Hi guys!

    Clever users have pointed out a way to us how to leverage the Koubachi plant care app to ensure professional plant care while on vacation - even if the plant sitter has no green thumb.

    Instead of writing down the care requirements of each plant on a sheet of paper or explaining it to the plant sitter in a time-consuming tour, these users have installed the Koubachi app on the iPhone of the plant sitter.
    By signing in directly to the plant owner's Koubachi account, the plant sitter then immediately gains access on his own iPhone to all the information and advice required to take good care of the plants.

    We think it's an innovative new use case of our users that we will explore and pursue further! For the moment, we uploaded a short manual how to set up the holiday delegation in 5 steps on our homepage.

    We wish a nice holiday season!

    07-13-2011 09:38 AM