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    Long long ago, at the edge of the world, there were some small islands scattered in the vast seas, there were a group of vikings who lived mainly on hunting and fishing. As the sun rose from the east and set in the west, strong and tall vikings and their families lived a happy and comfortable life. Just as modern humans are often disturbed by loathsome flies, mosquitoes, mice and bugs, the Vikings were also threatened by "pests" -- dragons. As the dragons became stronger and stronger, the invasion by the dragons that can fly and breathe fire became increasingly fierce, and the Dragonkin soldiers and pterosaurs gradually occupied one island and another. The vikings retreated successively. Many people were forced to leave their home. Now the situation is very critical. There is only one village that was still resisting. If you don't want to leave your home, then you take up arms and fight with the dragons. Although now you are not a hero, let yourself become the hero by defending your homeland through the baptism of battle and blood. While exterminating the dragons which are entrenched around other islands, simultaneously protect your village not taken over by the enemy.

    Features of the game:
    - There are three game modes built in the game: action game mode, defense mode and flight shoot mode.
    - The character can upgrade their properties and skills.
    - Upgraded weapons and equipment.
    - Multiple dropped items.
    - Much super scenes.
    - Cool skill effects.
    - Special BOSS combat mode.
    - More than 50 kinds of enemies.
    - Super game content all in dragon chaser.

    Further plan to upgrade the ranking mode of the defense battle, more weapons and equipment, new protagonist, more checkpoints, etc.

    app store searching: 龙之猎手Dragon Chaser
    06-27-2011 05:01 AM