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    Unleash your creativity and create beautiful photo albums! App "My Album" provides tons of features helping in designing sophisticated albums: multi-album support, multi-page structure of albums, photo, clipart and text elements, lots of fonts available for text elements, moving/resizing/rotating photos, clipart and text blocks, finger-drawing on top of pages, background color/picture/music, etc. You can also email album pages right from the App or save the pages to "Saved Photos" iPad area.


    • The App provides capabilities to create/manage any number of albums.
    • Multi-page structure of albums with functions to add/remove/reorder pages.
    • Support for both portrait and landscape page orientations and ability to mix pages with both orientations in one album.
    • Adding, moving, resizing and rotating operations for photos, clipart and text blocks on pages.
    • Text color and font settings for text blocks with support of all fonts available on iPad.
    • Album-wide page settings of background color, picture and music.
    • Options to set external picture for background or select from the list of 32 prepackaged backgrounds. Three available modes of picture layout: "Center", "Scale to Page" and "Tiles".
    • Two background music options: continuous (repeating) playing and restart playing on each new page.
    • Finger-drawing on top of album pages using any number of different pen colors and sizes.
    • Feature of saving album pages to iPad area "Saved Photos" for all or selected pages of an album.
    • Email feature.
    • Full-screen album viewer with animated paging on finger-swiping and playing background music if a music composition is set for the album.



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    Starting this week new app page for "My Album" is available on Facebook!
    07-02-2011 10:42 PM

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