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    Here is the video demo of our upcoming Fashion Booth for iPad 2. It uses face tracking technology (similar to the i3D 3D Viewer app) to let you try out various hairstyles and specs in real-time (augmented reality).

    It's currently waiting for review, so it's not available for download yet. We'll keep you posted when the app is ready.
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    Sorry for spamming my own thread, but TiPb forum requires 10 posts from me before i can post link!? (weird requirement!)
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    Post #10! Yessss i'm done!!!! Posting link now...
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    * sigh * another productive member of the community...
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    * sigh * another productive member of the community...
    Haha so sorry about that, i was a bit too amused by the minimum-10-post rule so i did that. Anyway I deleted those 'spam' posts, since i was already able to post the link.

    My sincere apology!
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    very nice........
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