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    CloudySky is the best pocket reference for clouds available for iOS. There are few other apps in the AppStore that give an overview of clouds. There are also a number of simple cloud picture gallery apps. CloudySky is contains more comprehensive information about clouds and is easier to use than these other apps. CloudySky provides the app user an easy, well organized, direct and complete way to identify clouds. CloudySky provides simple access to information of how clouds are organized into genera, species, varieties, supplemental features and accessory clouds which aids in their identification.

    CloudySky is designed to give a user quick access to this information so that they can easily look at the clouds they see and then browse the app to identify which type it is and then learn the names and characteristics of clouds at an easy pace and in an interactive and fun way.

    CloudySky 1.0 was released on the AppStore last week and was updated yesterday to version 1.01. It is classified on the AppStore in the Education and Weather sections. Its target audiences are cloud lovers, nature lovers in general, aviators, educators and students.

    CloudySky contains nearly 100 beautiful cloud images. It also includes in-depth information about how clouds are formed, what the physical characteristic of each type are and how they have been classified and come to be named as they are. It also includes a view of all of the cloud symbols used on weather maps and highlights all of the symbols that apply for a cloud type when a particular cloud is selected in the app. CloudySky also includes in-app help to show all of its features.

    A Universal version of CloudySky. enhanced for the iPad is in the works and will be released soon, as well as a number of other key enhancements that will keep this app the best of its kind on the AppStore.

    Since I am new to this forum I can't yet post links, but here is where you can find more information:

    WonderValleySoftware's website contains more information including an introductory video at wondervalleysoftware dot com.

    Take a look at CloudySky. Get your head in the clouds. Thanks.
    06-22-2011 05:17 PM