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    Get AlexPanda HD for FREE now!

    Sometimes tragedy happens. Alex the Panda was dropped to a deserted island.

    Only you - the Almighty God (in the viewpoint of Alex :P) - can save him from the dangers and help find his way back to civilization!

    The gameplay is simple! Just drag Alex to the destination but dangers are ahead - hungry flowers, deadly stings and many more!

    With vivid artwork, interesting gameplay, and the lovely AlexPanda, how can you miss this golden chance of getting this universal app for both iPhone and iPad for FREE?

    "Always wanted to chuck a panda around near flames and spikes… and now you can too." - AppVader
    "Fun, addictive, cute, casual pick up and play game with outstanding lush graphics and cool music to boot. 80 levels with more coming, so you certainly won't get bored anytime soon. Move over birds i think this Panda wants to play with you and take your place." - iPhonegamer uk
    06-21-2011 11:15 PM

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