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    Weed Yo Screen is an app from the Lifestyle category which you can use to customize your device’s display. You have the opportunity to use a great collection of themes, skins, backgrounds and app shelves. It will personalize your iPhone, adding color to your screen and showing off your personality, taste and perceptions. It’s an original app, based on psychedelic art and fun weedy images, suitable for anyone who is into such things.
    It’s a high-quality original app which has a full feature-set - the first sign of the developer’s commitment to the product. The app’s features as they are presented on iTunes include “over 80 exclusive, specially designed skins, themes and backgrounds, fitting the taste of everyone who is a fan of strong sensations and making your mobile device look cool and psychedelic.”
    Weed Yo Screen has amazing graphics for iPphone 4 , iPhone and iPod Touch.
    You can bookmark your favorite skin and save the image to your library. The app also allows e-mail sending and Facebook posting.
    While features are important to an app, an easy-to-use interface is just as crucial. AppCore’s app also includes a user-friendly interface. The controls for the app are easy to understand and simple to use without requiring a lot of additional direction from the programmer.

    It’s a known fact that a visually appealing program increases its value as well as shows off the beautiful touchscreen of the iPhone. The app’s images are well thought out and professionally rendered throughout the software. Graphics are the eye-candy of this mobile app as it presents a great collection of themes, skins, backgrounds and app shelves you can use to personalize your iPhone, adding color to your screen as well as originality.
    All of the previously mentioned pieces - graphics, the full feature-set, easy-to-use interface- are important and desirable in a quality app, but stability is the key to the whole operation. The Weed Yo Screen app is very stable and it doesn’t crash which is extremely important for the users.
    The high quality, original and unique roundup Weed Yo Screen will magically transform your iPhone far beyond the average interface. It will become a small world of shapes, colors and pictures setting loose your imagination and providing excellent, relaxing images for your mobile device’s screen. It will send positive vibes to whomever uses it.
    The apps’ size is 19.4 MB and the price is 0.99 $. As a conclusion, Weed Yo Screen is an original app and it’s worth its money. You can download it on iTunes.
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    06-21-2011 08:02 AM